Digital Marketing

Most of us are familiar with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram but what about Tumblr, Dribble, Flickr or even Google Plus?

Digital marketing and social media are rapidly changing. Whether you are a small business owner who need to take on the responsibilities of your own promotion on online marketing channels or you are a director at a large organisation chances are you would like to stay involved and informed about what content and messages your marketing team sends out on a daily basis. Today's digital focused business atmosphere will require you to have a basic understanding of these channels not just to enhance your sales figures but to keep you informed about the environment you operate in and to ensure your online reputation is same as your business reputation.

We are currently working with clients who required services such as:

  • Social media channels management via integrated marketing campaigns
  • Audience growth campaigns (Twitter followers, Facebook likes and shares etc.)
  • Development and implementations of online marketing strategy
  • Setting up new channels to reach a wider audience and new markets.

On a bespoke basis we can assist with:

  • a full digital marketing assessment that is relevant to your business
  • providing 1-2-1 tailored trainings or group sessions as required.

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