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5 Digital Marketing Predictions for 2018


What will marketers be embracing in 2018 and beyond? What are they excited about, what will they be worried about and just what will shape their long-term strategies over the course of the coming year? We had a quick brainstorming session with experts from Leeds-based agency Stickyeyes to share thoughts on what will be the marketing talking point in 2018:

Big Investment in Data Management Platforms: Brands will be looking to adopt and heavily invest in DMPs (Data Management Platforms) to make better use of the vast amount of first, second (‘shared’, first-party data) and third-party data at their disposal.

That ‘old’ buzzword ‘Big Data’ will actually become more meaningful. DMPs will empower marketers to create vast segmentation models way beyond what we have seen before. This in turn will lead to improved personalisation, as brands look to land the right message, with the right audience, at the right time in the right place (AKA, marketing utopia). The challenge for marketers is getting the business cases nailed, a test plan in place, ensuring that the strategy is sharp and verifying that the data going into the system is of the finest quality. Don’t forget to have both eyes on GDPR compliance through your Data Protection Officer, also appearing in 2018.’ –said Adam Culkin, Account Director

We’re going to hear a lot more about brand protection…

The issue of brand protection and reputation management isn’t going to go away. High profile brands pulled ad campaigns from various channels in 2017, and we seem to be at something of a crossroads as to where respectively go from here.

At the moment, brands are being asked to balance the risk against the reward. Nobody wants to become 2018’s case study of “how not to do digital media buying”, and it is creating an environment where CMOs are understandably nervous about where they deploy content, and what they, knowingly or otherwise, align their brand to.

Ad platforms simply can’t keep up with the sheer volume of content that they are being expected to monitor, but the onus is on them to ensure that the tools and mechanisms that they provide to help brands ensure that they aren’t being associated with content that they really don’t want to be associated with. And it is then up to advertisers to make sure that they understand these tools, and the way forward to ensure that their digital ad strategy is a success, rather than a reputational disaster.



Augmented reality will go mainstream

We will see a new step forward for the convergence of augmented reality and search. The release of AR Kit and AR Core by Apple & Google provides a deeper integration for apps and the traditional customer journey.

‘Until 2017, augmented reality has been rather fragmented and with the launch of iOS11, Google Oreo and the integration into progressive web apps, marketers and developers will need to start exploring the potential of the emerging technologies and untie the digital experience with physical world.’ – shared his insights Matt Barnes, SEO Performance Manager


Voice search will change how brands approach SEO 

How many Amazon Alexa and Google Home devices will be under the Christmas tree this year? We expect that Santa’s sack will be bulging with smart speakers and personal assistants in 2017, and that is going to make search much more vocal in 2018.pexels-photo-270637

‘These smart devices will push voice search up the agenda, and SEO strategies will need to adapt. Brands will need to think much more carefully about semantics, about conversational conventions and regional nuances than they typically would need to with text-based search. And as the search engines get smarter, and gather more data about how consumers use the technology, it will be those brands that can really understand the intent of a user’s query that will get the result’ – added Michael Hayden, SEO Lead


The Year of Attribution

With Google on the verge of releasing Google Attribution to the masses, 2018 is looking to be the year where attribution (finally) becomes a truly actionable methodology. Not only will paid & organic channels alike be able to see the true value of marketing campaigns, but they’ll be able to adapt campaigns based on real data and see the benefits in the results.

‘Gaining access to this could lead to the shift in reporting from ‘last click’ to various different attribution models, depending on the industry and channel. Brand awareness campaigns can be more accurately and properly reported from a first click prospective, highlighting the true value of that activity, rather than it being lost in the more commonly used ‘last click’ model’– commented Jonny Briggs, Data and Analytics Manager.

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Do’s and don’ts when you’re organising your office Christmas do

christmas-table-1443669     wine-at-twilight-1323598

Organising the office Christmas party? Here are some do’s and don’ts you might find useful to consider this year..

I know, I know it is only November but it is unfortunately the time when you really need to start organising your office Christmas party.  It is a tricky task organising the Christmas party and you will never please everyone! But it will be a lot less stressful if you treat the party as you would any event and plan accordingly.

Here are my do’s and don’ts when it comes to organising your office Christmas party.

Do set the date NOW! The really great venues get booked up quickly so do start to think about your venue as early as possible

Don’t forget to set a budget. This is very important! The budget needs to be finalised before you can organise anything.

Do send a save the date email so that you get a good turn out.

Don’t take the first quote you get. Negotiate! You don’t know what discounts you can get unless you ask!

Do ask for some objectives. You should treat the organisation of the Christmas party as you would a normal business event.

Don’t forget to visit the venue. Make sure there is easy access for any disabled guests.

Do get everyone to preorder the food. A great tip is to put your colleagues dinner choices on the back of their name cards so they don’t have to remember what they have ordered.

Don’t scrimp on entertainment. Stick to a really great band or DJ if you are not sure what your colleagues will like.

Do suggest a new year party if your company is on a tight budget. It is much cheaper and you will have lots more choice.

Don’t always try something new. If your colleagues still rave about last year’s party why not repeat exactly what you did.

Do try a theme. Although a little corny a theme can help get everyone in the festive mood.

Don’t forget to ask for everyone’s dietary requirements. Not everyone will eat turkey and christmas puddling!

Do enjoy yourself! Although you have organised the event it is still your Christmas party too so make sure you have a good time.

Don’t forget to ask for feedback. It can be a pretty difficult task so once the dust has settled make sure you ask everyone how they thought it went.

Good luck with your Christmas party planning everyone!
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Top 3 tips for content creation

Creating engaging and relevant content for your website, blogs or social media can seem like a daunting task, but it really doesn’t have to be!

Here, in no particular order, are 3 quick tips that can help you with content creation on those gloomy autumn days..


Photoshop made easy!

Canva gives you a platform to create professional, great looking designs in a simple way.
If, when you sit down to create eye-catching designs, tumbleweed rolls past in your head, Canva could well be for you! Boasting a huge pool of stock images, templates and fonts for you to edit via a drag and drop function, you can be your very own graphic designer.

There is also the option to upload and edit your own images if you need to.  Great for adding your own logos and company branding. Canva contains size templates for all different platforms such as social media covers and profile photos, web banners and even eBook covers.

If you are still struggling to get creative, Canva has a whole bunch of video tutorials from choosing the right font to creating a catchy title. With the ever-growing demand to create appealing and engaging content, Canva, in my opinion, is a go-to for any content creator.
Here’s the link for Canva:


Video is becoming more and more important when it comes to creating creative content that is engaging and is shared by lots more people than regular text and photos on social media.
But if you thought that it costs a fortune to get a professional looking video made you’d be wrong!
Quik is a free to download mobile app; brought to you by GoPro (and you don’t need to own one to use it!).
Gaining access to your video and photo gallery, you can choose a group of images and with the press of a button, Quik puts them together into a lovely video.

Once the video is made, you can add filters, change effects and even add background music. The good people at GoPro have even given us an option to remove their branding from the video so you really can pretend you made it all by yourself. Once you save the video, it will upload to Quik’s cloud and then you can share your creation across all of your social media platforms.
Find the app links here:

Google Trends

One of the aims of creating relevant engaging content is keeping the search engines happy. Having to constantly feed Google can get laborious and no one would blame you if you started to slightly resent Google for it.
But, Google is your friend!

Google may seem very difficult to please, but it does give you lots of little pointers if you know where to look.
Google Trends is a great tool if you are lacking inspiration and you need to post about something relevant that will engage your readers but you just don’t know where to start.  Google trends can show you, by country and/or category, what people are searching for in real time.

You can then use these ideas as content in your blog or to share a story on social media. Remember, it’s not all about promotion, you need to keep your audience entertained and engaged so use Google to find content and make yourself that go to expert in your particular niche.

Google Trends can be found here:

Happy posting!

Fall trending: Updates for decor, colours & styles

The autumn season that is upon us is filled with crisp air and cozy nights. What better way to welcome fall than to swap out a few of your home decor items to make your space feel a bit more seasonally appropriate?

Let’s be honest, those pretty white linens will not suffice on a chilly eve. Adding in some texture and warmer hues will instantly transform your space and get you excited for the cooler climes to come. While a new candle or changing your bedding may do the trick, don’t forget some fall essentials like a chic, yet durable, doormat to keep your boots in order and your floor clean.

Here are 4 Home Decor Ideas Inspired by Fall Fashion 2016, enjoy 🙂


Cozy living room.. - get out those warm orange, berry and light cappuccino candles on your shelves and coffee tables and dress up your cushions in autumn shades. Will make you feel warmer already when you can smell the autumn aroma of your candles while you're having a cuppa on the sofa after a long day.

Layers – Every season, there is one trend that holds fast – the art of layering. It’s a method of increasing the warmth of an outfit without looking bulky or plain, and it can be a great way to show off multiple complementing textures and patterns. Many people have found that this technique is also great for home décor. From draperies to throw blankets, area rugs to tapestries, there are plenty of ways to freshen up your home by layering in a few new textures and prints.

Earth Tones – One of the greatest inspirations for fashion has always been nature. In the fall, we’re prone to include many more browns, grays, taupes, beiges, and other earthy colours into our wardrobes. It’s easy to translate this into your home décor by switching up key pieces – such as table place settings and mantle décor. Don’t be afraid to err on the side of rustic.

Accessories – In the Summer and Spring, we have a tendency to dress extra casual. However, as the holiday season approaches, we all find ourselves adding a few extra accessories – not unlike the extra décor we add to our homes around this time of year. Give your home a little extra fashionable bling this year with elegant center pieces, accent pieces and plenty of candles for a cozy effect. As the temperatures drop, there is no better feeling than coming home to a warm and welcoming living space.



Welcome to Bella Olah Marketing & Events


Welcome to Bella Olah Marketing & Events, a young and vibrant small consultancy based in Harrogate, UK.

The business was established in 2014 and we cover a range of marketing, communications and events planning & management services, with a background of over 10 years of expertise in the field.

We offer services in the following areas:

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