Do’s and don’ts when you’re organising your office Christmas do

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Organising the office Christmas party? Here are some do’s and don’ts you might find useful to consider this year..

I know, I know it is only November but it is unfortunately the time when you really need to start organising your office Christmas party.  It is a tricky task organising the Christmas party and you will never please everyone! But it will be a lot less stressful if you treat the party as you would any event and plan accordingly.

Here are my do’s and don’ts when it comes to organising your office Christmas party.

Do set the date NOW! The really great venues get booked up quickly so do start to think about your venue as early as possible

Don’t forget to set a budget. This is very important! The budget needs to be finalised before you can organise anything.

Do send a save the date email so that you get a good turn out.

Don’t take the first quote you get. Negotiate! You don’t know what discounts you can get unless you ask!

Do ask for some objectives. You should treat the organisation of the Christmas party as you would a normal business event.

Don’t forget to visit the venue. Make sure there is easy access for any disabled guests.

Do get everyone to preorder the food. A great tip is to put your colleagues dinner choices on the back of their name cards so they don’t have to remember what they have ordered.

Don’t scrimp on entertainment. Stick to a really great band or DJ if you are not sure what your colleagues will like.

Do suggest a new year party if your company is on a tight budget. It is much cheaper and you will have lots more choice.

Don’t always try something new. If your colleagues still rave about last year’s party why not repeat exactly what you did.

Do try a theme. Although a little corny a theme can help get everyone in the festive mood.

Don’t forget to ask for everyone’s dietary requirements. Not everyone will eat turkey and christmas puddling!

Do enjoy yourself! Although you have organised the event it is still your Christmas party too so make sure you have a good time.

Don’t forget to ask for feedback. It can be a pretty difficult task so once the dust has settled make sure you ask everyone how they thought it went.

Good luck with your Christmas party planning everyone!
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