Fall trending: Updates for decor, colours & styles

The autumn season that is upon us is filled with crisp air and cozy nights. What better way to welcome fall than to swap out a few of your home decor items to make your space feel a bit more seasonally appropriate?

Let’s be honest, those pretty white linens will not suffice on a chilly eve. Adding in some texture and warmer hues will instantly transform your space and get you excited for the cooler climes to come. While a new candle or changing your bedding may do the trick, don’t forget some fall essentials like a chic, yet durable, doormat to keep your boots in order and your floor clean.

Here are 4 Home Decor Ideas Inspired by Fall Fashion 2016, enjoy 🙂


Cozy living room.. - get out those warm orange, berry and light cappuccino candles on your shelves and coffee tables and dress up your cushions in autumn shades. Will make you feel warmer already when you can smell the autumn aroma of your candles while you're having a cuppa on the sofa after a long day.

Layers – Every season, there is one trend that holds fast – the art of layering. It’s a method of increasing the warmth of an outfit without looking bulky or plain, and it can be a great way to show off multiple complementing textures and patterns. Many people have found that this technique is also great for home décor. From draperies to throw blankets, area rugs to tapestries, there are plenty of ways to freshen up your home by layering in a few new textures and prints.

Earth Tones – One of the greatest inspirations for fashion has always been nature. In the fall, we’re prone to include many more browns, grays, taupes, beiges, and other earthy colours into our wardrobes. It’s easy to translate this into your home décor by switching up key pieces – such as table place settings and mantle décor. Don’t be afraid to err on the side of rustic.

Accessories – In the Summer and Spring, we have a tendency to dress extra casual. However, as the holiday season approaches, we all find ourselves adding a few extra accessories – not unlike the extra décor we add to our homes around this time of year. Give your home a little extra fashionable bling this year with elegant center pieces, accent pieces and plenty of candles for a cozy effect. As the temperatures drop, there is no better feeling than coming home to a warm and welcoming living space.



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